Glass Bongs – A Functional Art Design

Though they are beautiful to look at as a piece of art, a glass bond is nothing more than a filtration device for smokers. They have been used for centuries to smoke tobacco and other herbs. They are very functional and look very similar to the hookah. The only differences are that they are more portable for those who like to take their smoking on the road. Many bongs have bubblers attached. These add a bowl and stem apparatus that goes down the side of the unit. When a person inhales, the water makes a bubbling action. Fresh air has to get into the bong in order to harvest the smoke. This is done through a hole that is known as the carburetor. The carburetor must be covered while smoking, and then when a drag is taken, the smoke can be drawn into the respiratory system. It’s easy to buy a high-quality and cheap glass bong online, but you have to be thorough in your search.

art-design-bongWhere did the bong come from? Well, they have been around for many years. Many are surprised to learn that bong is actually a word from the Thai language. It is derived from the word “baung,” which means tube or pipe. In Thailand, these are often cut from the bamboo they can harvest there. They use the bamboo for smoking, as it was readily available. Hand blown bongs would be too expensive for the people in this country, so they improvise. The earliest recorded use of a bong dates back to 1944. They were called bamboo water pipes at that time. The Asians were the ones credited with coming out about their use. In America, the first mention of the use of these devices was in a magazine in 1971.

Due to the unique design of the structure, the bong keeps molecules and heavier particles from going into the smoker’s airways. Though a bong can be plastic too, the glass ones function much better. To use these to smoke, the smoker needs to inhale through the bong so that the bubbles will come up from the stem. Once the smoke has built up in the unit, the stem is separated and the smoke goes into the lungs of the smoker. Some bongs, or water-pipes, have special filters that are effective in making sure the smoke is broken up into small bubbles. These are referred to as a diffuser. They diffuse or dissipate the smoke as it exists. Studies have proven that smoking with a glass bong is less harmful than those who have unfiltered smoke going into their lungs. Bongs are a unique way to smoke tobacco.