Anatomy of a Bong

A glass bong is a beautiful piece, but just like anything else, it has an anatomy. We can break this piece down into five parts:


1. Bowl

The bowl is typically removable. Inside the bowl is where you fill tobacco or herbs. The tobacco is loaded and then combusted. Allowing it to remove makes it function well as a carburetor.

2. Tube

The tube is also called the mouthpiece. It fills will smoke once the water has filtered the tobacco. It may have an ice pinch included in the design.

3. Downstem

This small stem allows the smoke to go from the bowl down to the base of the bong. In the base, the substance percolates in the water.

4. Base

The carb can be many different shapes. It is located at the base of the bong. It is often beaker shaped. The smoke cools as it passes through the water thanks to this part.

5. Carb

The carb or carburetor has a small hole in it. This allows the user to complete the bong toke. The smoke fills the entire chamber thanks to this device. The pull and slide carb is the most popular one found on bongs. When the bowl is removed, the carb can quickly be seen.